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Transportation and Trucking

Commercial trucking is a vital part of our society. Accidents involving commercial vehicles, such as large trucks and buses, often involve catastrophic injuries and a high risk of exposure. It is a common misconception that accidents involving commercial vehicles are simply auto accidents involving larger vehicles; there are many issues unique to commercial vehicle accidents, and commercial motor vehicles are subject to specific laws and regulations on both a state and federal level. The successful defense of commercial vehicle accidents requires a thorough understanding of commercial vehicle law and regulations on federal and state levels.

A transportation company's liability can be predicated on numerous occurrences. Moore & Biser's experienced lawyers have the expertise to handle the unique issues which owners, drivers and shippers face in the litigation of commercial trucking cases in West Virginia. We know the importance of an early, pro-active response to preserve vital information, such as accident scene investigation, performing a detailed inspection of the unit itself, reviewing log books, pre-trip inspections, etc. before any evidence is disposed of or altered. By directing the litigation on behalf of the client, interviewing witnesses and retaining accident investigators and reconstructionists, we afford our clients the benefits of the attorney-client and attorney-work product privileges early in the claim process.

Accidents involving large trucks, fuel transportation vehicles, 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles frequently involve serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, fractures, quadriplegia, paraplegia, spinal cord injuries and burns, and may involve fatalities. Moore & Biser's experienced insurance defense attorneys successfully defend commercial vehicle accident cases, including those involving allegations of driver fatigue, improper maintenance, reckless driving, speed, oversized or overloaded vehicles, insurance coverage, cargo damage, negligent hiring, supervision or retention, and wrongful death.

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