Corporate / Insurance Defense

Providing experienced legal defense for West Virginia matters.

Experienced Litigation Defense Throughout West Virginia

Dedicated to excellence and built on proven performance, Moore-Biser works with companies of all types and sizes to provide them with outstanding legal expertise to meet their needs here in West Virginia. The firm’s strategic approach enables us to provide local counsel paired with decades of litigation experience to some of the world’s most valuable companies.

Moore-Biser combines sound advice and effective representation for exceptional results. We are proud of the reputation that we have established throughout the West Virginia legal community for our expertise in resolving complex, high-value cases. Our seasoned lawyers work both in and out of the courtroom to obtain favorable outcomes for our clients, working closely with them to determine the best legal strategy. We believe that alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation can offer effective and efficient litigation solutions. However, we have also found that starting with aggressive representation makes our opponents more willing to settle.

Our lawyers draw upon decades of courtroom and motion practice experience to provide clients with comprehensive and knowledgeable representation. We work closely with our clients to determine the best legal strategy, combining efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and an exacting understanding of the legal issues at hand. Our approach is valued by our corporate partners that include one of the world’s most trusted retailers and one of the largest overnight trucking companies, as well as large regional healthcare systems and the nation’s leading insurers.

When national and international clients need local representation, they rely on Moore-Biser.